It is no secret that Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada is one of the biggest fanboys of The [email protected] out there. And not because he works for Bandai Namco, which also produces the games, but because he just loves his tsundere waifu, Iori Minase, oh so very much.


Smartphone game app The [email protected]: Million Live recently made waves as seven of its idols were featured in the highly successful The [email protected] Movie. Now the game app is making waves once again as they’ve just released several new event cards, one of which featuring the tsundere diva, Iori Minase.

Except, this is no ordinary card because this features Iori wearing the costume of Tekken character Lili Rochefort. Lili and Iori have been likened to each other by Harada in an interview so that makes sense. But the stinger in this card is over to the bottom right corner in the background. Can you guess who it is that’s cheering Iori on?


He’s even wearing his Iori T-shirt! What dedication! And I am even willing to bet he’s taught her a few moves she can use. Here’s a close-up of the legendary Tekken Producer/ Cheer Leader/ Coach… complete with his signature sunglasses

harada 2

Harada has even retweeted the photos on his twitter page! He said that the guy behind Iori really does resemble him… eh?! So it’s not actually him? Really now, Harada-sama?

harada tekken fanboy

Now that is one dedicated fanboy indeed. I wonder if we will get an [email protected] costume for Lili when Tekken 7 gets released…

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