Doraemon is known for a whole lot of weird and wonderful gadgets from a camping hat which is a hat which can transform into a complete campsite in an instant, to the more ridiculous ones such as a gadget which can make money bigger… literally. Japanese women’s website, MyNavi Woman, has once again asked its readers about an anime-related question, and this time it involves one of Japan’s most iconic anime characters.

With 428 valid responses, here are MyNavi Woman’s Top 6 Doraemon Gadgets which are useful for everyday lives:

6/ 5) Moshimo Box (can make any “What If” situation into reality): 11 votes

moshimo box

6/ 5) Small Light (shrinks objects): 11 votes


4) Time Machine (do I even need to explain what it does?): 14 votes


3) Translation Gummy (makes you understand foreign languages): 27 votes


2) Memorization Bread (makes you remember things): 40 votes


1) Go Anywhere Door (can open a door to anywhere): 230 votes


In an overwhelming landslide, the Go Anywhere Door opened its way to the top spot by being a convenient way to go anywhere in an instant. With this Doraemon gadget, you can prevent getting late for work or school and you can even go to any place you can never even imagine existed. Simply put, I can use this thing to go to Antarctica and watch penguins all day.

The #2 ranked memorization bread meanwhile will let you remember things easily while for some anime fans, the translation gummy will work many wonders as you won’t be needing some subtitles anymore.

Any Doraemon gadget you would want to have yourself?

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