The ending of Tokyo Ghoul has left several fans hanging as the anime ended abruptly without even hinting on what happened right after that epic battle.

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The official website is recently advertising the release of manga creator Sui Ishida’s new illustration book, Tokyo Ghoul Zaki, slated for release October 17, 2014. However, the website also featured a very cryptic message right after the Tokyo Ghoul Zaki ad runs through.

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A cryptic message with the words :re in the background have been seen in the website and Japanese fans have been speculating that this could mean a second season which may pick-up right after the anime’s abrupt ending. One of the speculations have stated that because of the :re background coming right after the “And More…” message, this could also mean that the new Tokyo Ghoul season will be named Re: Tokyo Ghoul, just like the second season of detective mystery anime Hamatora which is titled Re_Hamatora.

Of course, these are all just speculations which have come from hopeful fans who were frustrated by the anime’s abrupt ending. This could also mean a spin-off, an OVA, an ONA, or another sort of media. As of the moment, fans can only speculate.

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