Action anime Akame Ga Kill! has now become one of 2014’s bloodiest yet most popular anime, and this series which takes George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones formula of “Anyone can die”, has gotten many fans hooked.


To promote the anime even further, Gamers Akihaba has set up a limited-time Akame Ga Kill! museum which not only includes Akame Ga Kill artworks, merchandise, and costumes, but also an official character popularity poll, which fans who visit this exhibition can vote on.

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The voting however is now officially over, and here are the final results:


1) Esdeath

2) Chelsea

3) Mine

4) Akame

5) Bulat

6) Kurome

7) Sheele

8) Leone

9) Lubbock

10) Seryuu

11) Tatsumi

12) Najenda

With four of the characters who placed already dead, one must surely be thinking who would be next?! Is it #1 ranked Esdeath?! Well, she certainly is one of the deadliest baddies of the anime, yet does her popularity mean that she might also kick the bucket soon? Hmmmm…

Chelsea fans meanwhile got their heads together and voted for her to get #2 while Mine fans loved her tsundere nature so much that she took the #3 spot, with titular character Akame getting only #4.

The Akame Ga Kill! exhibition featured plenty of screenshots from the anime, and they certainly celebrated Esdeath a whole lot. Yandere fans rejoice.

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Also displayed is a costume of Akame as well as Bulat’s helmet.

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A life-size Coro meanwhile stood guard over the Akame costume as well as the standees for Seryuu and Kurome. There were standees of the other characters as well.

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There were also several Akame Ga Kill! illustrations by other manga artists like Corpse Party manga artist Makoto Kedouin. Also displayed is a dubbing script autographed by the anime’s voice cast.

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