The “Galactic Fairy”, Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier, celebrated her birthday last November 23, and the “Otaku Capital” of Akihabara celebrated her birthday with plenty of flair, even though the series already ended five years ago, further proving that Macross Frontier is still one of the most popular mecha series out there.


Various Sheryl Nome cosplayers were seen throughout Akihabara promoting various Macross events that were taking place that day. Of course, her friend and (love) rival, Ranka Lee was there as well.

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Akihabara landmark, Radio Kaikan, even had a Macross exhibition in their 10th floor which featured not only the Macross Frontier series, but previous ones like the original anime and Macross 7.

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The Radio Kaikan exhibition even featured a life-size panel of a Valkyrie’s nose and displayed several plastic model kits and figures

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Banpresto even held a special Ichiban Kuji lottery just for her birthday as they put up some special greeting cards up for grabs. The lottery proved to be really popular as long lines were seen

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Volks Akihabara meanwhile previewed their new Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee Dollfie Dream dolls as fans lined up to sign for pre-orders. One huge ad was even seen right outside. They also let fans sign birthday greetings for the beloved galactic idol.

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