The conflict between main characters Slaine and Inaho have been one of the central themes in the hit mecha anime, Aldnoah.Zero. However, in a rare instance of “art imitates real life”, their respective voice actors also recently got into a heated twitter exchange, all thanks to the new Asseylum ad in Shinjuku.


Slaine Troyard’s voice actor, Kenshou Ono, best known for also voicing Kuroko Tetsuya from Kuroko’s Basketball, decided to visit the ad, however, it seems he was a little too late as he tweeted a picture of it already being taken down.


However, Inaho Kaizuka’s voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, who is best known for voicing Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki, replied to Ono’s tweet by saying the difference in “love” for the princess by both voice actors is apparent.

ald 1

Ono replied that he also loves Asseylum

ald 2

To this, Hanae replied by tweeting this image of him with Asseylum’s ad before it was taken down.


Ono seems to have been annoyed with Hanae in his final reply.

ald 3

Whether Ono really lacks passion for Asseylum or he is just too busy is still up for debate, however, many fans found the exchange really interesting. Hanae has hit Ono for his lack of dedication for Asseylum. The two characters voiced by both Ono and Hanae are of course caught in a love triangle with Princess Asseylum, so this has definitely caught the attention of a lot of fans, especially in twitter.

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Image taken from Newtype Magazine


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