Is it just a great Gundam 3D illustration or is it a wonderfully painted GunPla? This is the question often asked by people when they see champion GunPla modeller mumumuno53‘s highly detailed work. You be the judge.


At first glance, one will really think that this RX-78-2 Gundam from the original 1979 anime series is just a 3D rendition, however, I won’t blame anyone if they think so, because I myself was also fooled. This is actually just custom-painted GunPla, and mumumuno53 has done an excellent job in painting, which is so excellent that he has fooled many into thinking it is just a 3D animation.

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He really paid a whole lot of attention to details as he blended light with shadow and gave his GunPla a particular shine to complete the illusion. He even painted the joints and made them look like the ones from an anime. Now that’s attention to detail.

2014112419055434b 20141124190555649

He also painted the effects, weapons, and props in a similar manner, which makes his illusion more complete. Also painted in an animation style is the RX-78-2’s core fighter.

20141124190716f4a 20141124190719c29

Here are more images from this great piece of GunPla art which finishes off with the RX-78-2 Gundam’s epic “Final Shot” pose as seen in the 1979 anime’s final episode.

20141124190722d1e 20141124191024b71 20141124191027e09 20141124191304a69 20141124191419cbd 20141124191429e7b 201411241910193be 201411241911274c7 201411241911346dc 201411241913054b8 201411241914290f7 201411241914304b7 2014112419113548e 2014112419125741d 20141124191024235 20141124191135870 20141124191302703


Here’s a little WIP shot of how he built his GunPla.


So who here was fooled? I surely was!

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