Figure maker Bandai’s Tamashii Nation 2014 event was recently held over at the Akihabara UDX and the they featured plenty of new and upcoming figures from a variety of anime and tokusatsu series.


New Kamen Rider SHFiguArts were previewed including Kamen Rider Kuuga’s Mighty Form, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Takeshi, and a cool figure diorama featuring the Kamen Riders in their respective vehicles.

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The SHFiguArts line also featured plenty of Tokustatsu series such as the Power Rangers, Kikaider, Sharivan, and more.

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Bandai also unveiled the re-imagined version of Darth Vader, which is also part of its SH FiguArts line as well as new figures from the new Fall 2014 action fantasy anime series, Garo.


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However, it was not an all SHFiguArts affair for the Tokusatsus as Bandai also showed off their Ultra-act and Kamen Rider S.I.C. lines.

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Kaijuu fever was present in their SH MonsterArts series

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Anime characters meanwhile took up half of the event’s displayed as Bandai showed its latest FiguArts Zero and SH FiguArts figures from One Piece, Dragon Ball, Assassination Classroom, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Sailor Moon, Terra Formars, and others. They also displayed plenty of cool effect parts which will be released in the future. Unveiled are the new SH FiguArts Son Gohan (teen) and Evil Buu.

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New SH FiguArts versions of DC Comics characters like Superman and Harley Quinn have also been unveiled along with a silhouette of what seems to be Marvel’s Avengers…

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Saint Seiya were also featured during the event along with life-size Gold Cloth armors

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And of last but not the least, Bandai’s Robot Spirits and Chogokin lines… and yes, Bandai is more than just Gundam

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My wallet is tingling a bit…

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