As K-On!‘s lovable Azu-nyan celebrated her birthday yesterday, fans greeted her with several birthday parties of their own, complete with some of her favorite foods, which are of course, cakes.


Fans truly spent a lot for this occasion, as they not only celebrated with some Azusa cakes, they also showed off some of their own Azusa collections to show their dedication.

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One fan even visited the K-On!! holy land of Toyosato Elementary School, which was used as the basis for the original manga and anime’s school setting.

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One of the most special birthday greeting Azu-nyan received is from her voice actress herself, Ayana Taketatsu. Azusa Nakano is often credited by many fans as the one who launched the voice acting career of Taketatsu and propelled her into stardom.


Animaru meanwhile announced that they will be making a new Azusa Nakano figure, and then showed everybody a sneak peek at their prototype.

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