With its Spring 2014 anime a big success and a second season confirmed for next year, an official website for Knights of Sidonia has recently been opened, and it is selling character, mecha, and weapons data used in the production of the anime.


If bought, the data can then be downloaded in Autodesk FBX (.fbx) and Wavefront OBJ (.obj)formats and can be deformed for personal use. As seen in the image above, the character data used for Nagate Tanekaze, Shizuka Hoshijiro, and Izana Shinatose are being sold for 0 yen, tax included. In other words, they are free.

KS10010101000_01 KS10020101000_01 KS10030101000_01

However, the flight suits for Nagate, Hoshijiro, and Kunato sell for 24,800 yen while the Type-17 Tsugumori’s mecha data, as well as the Guardian Gauna, sell for 69,800 yen. The data for Hiroki Saitou’s Katana sells for 9,980 yen while the most expensive item listed is the 3D model for the entire Sidonia itself which costs a whopping 99,800 yen. These data can be bought through this link


cindonia 1

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