With countless merchandise and figures and a much anticipated anime coming this January, DMM and Kadokawa’s highly successful browser game, Kantai Collection, is now one of the hottest and most talked about franchises in Japan, so it is absolutely no surprise that the video game will be dominating the many doujinshi circles during the otaku extravaganza known as Comiket 87.


Now that’s a lot of Shimakazes! The event’s catalog has already been posted online, and it shows that the browser game about moe anthropomorphic battle ship girls is all the rage for Comiket 87.


Japanese media website Yaraon! has even posted the top 20 franchises featured in the catalog by circle and they are:

1) Kantai Collection/ KanColle (2,552 works)

2) Touhou Project (1,756 works)

3) Kuroko’s Basketball (1,178 works)

4) The [email protected] (808 works)

5) Haikyuu!! (734 works)

6) Yowamushi Pedal (728 works)

7) Love Live! (668 works)

8) Attack on Titan (662 works)

9) Tiger & Bunny (654 works)

10) Free! (504 works)

11) Vocaloid (364 works)

12) Hetalia (356 works)

13) Sengoku Basara (358 works)

14) Fate (292 works)

15) UtaPri (266 works)

16) Gintama (246 works)

17) Madoka Magica (238 works)

18) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (226 works)

19) Prince of Tennis (224 works)

20) Precure (202 works)

Biggest doujinshi market in Japan indeed, and these search results have shown that Kantai Collection has now truly dethroned Touhou as the undisputed king of the Comic Market. In other news, the Comiket organizers lifting the ban on Kuroko’s Basketball doujins as it takes the #3 spot, while The [email protected] one-ups its Love Live! rivals as it takes the #4 spot.

Comiket 87 will be held from December 28 – 30, 2014, in its traditional home, which is the Tokyo Big Sight.

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Source: Yaraon!


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