Have you ever heard of “Ghibli School Lunches”? It certainly sounds a lot better than the school lunches you are used to, huh? These special Ghibli-themed school lunches are being served inside a middle school in Mishima, Japan. A flier from the school was posted on twitter and it got a whopping 44,000 retweets. The flier stated that the school will be serving special food inspired by ones featured in the Studio Ghibli movies, from October 27 – 31, 2014.

The October 27 menu featured food from Porco Rosso. It contained spaghetti with tomato sauce, salmon with cream sauce, half an orange, and vegetable soup.

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The October 28 menu meanwhile featured food from My Neighbor Totoro and it included rice, sardines, milk, and miso soup

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The October 29 menu featured food from the movie Ponyo which included ramen and dumplings

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Castle in the Sky was the focus of the October 30 menu and it featured fried egg, bread, and meatball stew.

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Finally, the October 31 menu was perfect for Halloween as it focused on Kiki’s Delivery Service (which is of course about a witch). It contained pumpkin pie, tomato and egg soup, sauteed vegetables, and rice.

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While the food most certainly did not look like the ones featured in the movies, the Mishima Middle Shool really tried its best to replicate them in their meals. I really am a chef and I’ve cooked for school lunches before, and trying to cook a lot of these meals for hungry students in a short period of time is certainly hard. While the presentation is a bit off, the school does get points for effort as it managed to turn some boring school lunches into some very interesting ones. I wish my school did something like this.

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