Japanese singer, actress, fashion icon, and voice actress, Shoko Nakagawamay be one of the most famous anime fanatics out there. Not only is she a huge fan of Free!, Pokemon, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (which led to her butt being fractured), it seems that she is also a Love Liver as well.

In her official twitter page, she showed off some of her artistic talent and proved to everyone once again that she is also an illustrator by tweeting several of her drawings which feature two of Love Live!‘s most popular characters, Nico Yazawa and Maki Nishikino.


She also drew both of them individually


And her illustrations have become really popular, so popular that they have been retweeted over 10,000 times. To celebrate this, Shoko-tan made another illusrtration of Maki.


Singer, actress, voice actress, cosplayer, illustrator, fashionista, anime fangirl? She is certainly a girl of many talents. What’s next for Shoko Nakagawa? Only time will truly tell.

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