Growing up, we’ve been taught NEVER to play with our food. However, with the release of Lawson’s new Kyuubey Meatbuns which are inspired by Madoka Magica‘s cute mascot character of pure evil, that does not seem to be the case.


Those that have watchwed Madoka Magica have gotten to know that Kyuubey may look really cute, but the truth is, it is really really really evil. So when Lawson released the Kyuubey Meatbuns, fans just can’t help but play with their food to the point that they seem like they are torturing it.


Looks like everybody has gotten into torturing Kyuubey so much that even its voice actress, Emiri Katou, has taken a bite out of the evil meat bun, and she even posted it on her official twitter page!


If Emiri is doing it, then Kyuubey itself has gotten on the act! One of the most evil anime characters indeed!


Others like @ Narumiyu and @ _Zahir had a bit of fun giving the Kyuubey Meatbun a slow “death” before eating it

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And Homura must be in heaven getting to torture or eat all them Kyuubeys!


Here are other people having fun with their Kyuubey Meatbuns


Now that you think about it, these things are just creepy! One steamed bun costs 165 yen and is filled with spicy Mapo Tofu.

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Sources: Hachimakikou and Moe Otanews


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