It seems that the creators behind Parasyte want their viewers to experience the lighter side of the series, instead of its creepiness.

According to the official website of the upcoming live-action movies, a Japanese morning show called ZIP! is airing short films of Parasyte starting today until the 28th. The series of comedy shorts entitled Migi no Sekai wo Oshiete (Migi’s Teach me about the World) will span a total of 15 episodes. It stars Shota Sometani (Shinichi Izumi), Ai Hashimoto (Satomi Murano), and Sadao Abe who is the voice behind the parasite named Migi. These shorts center around the day to day lives of Shinichi and Migi.

At the helm of the short films is CM director Mitsugu Matsumoto who worked on the following commercials:



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