The idol anime series Love Live! has become so big that every time one member of μ’s celebrates her birthday, the Japanese otaku capital of Akihabara shifts into celebration mode as many of the area’s shops get in a festive mood just for one specific character’s birthday. With the birthday of μ’s resident cat-like and sporty tomboy, Rin Hoshizora, last November 1, 2014, Akiba went into birthday mode as well… Nyah!


Rin may love dancing, but she also loves eating ramen and gyouza as well, so Akihabara landmark, Gamers, set up a special “Ramen Shop” booth just for the cat-like birthday girl. Nyah!

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Another Akihabara icon, Animate, also offered Rin some Ramen, as well as some very catty displays and shrines centered on her, Nyah!

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Rin also took over Animate Akihabara’s next door neighbor, Tora no Ana, and they said cats can never beat tigers nyah!

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She even took over other Akihabara stores like Melon Books, Club Sega, Gee Store, Nijigen Cospa, and Asobit City. In Club Sega, fans were even allowed to write special messages to the birthday girl herself, nyah!

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Akihabara previously celebrated the birthdays of Kotori Minami (with a lot of Kotori photobombs and alpacas) and Nico Yazawa (with a lot of Nico-nico-niiiiiiiis). Come on, let’s all say it… NYAAAAAAAAH!

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