Manga fans everywhere, rejoice, because Slow Curve, a Japanese company specializing in “anime advertising”, is targeting anime and manga fans from outside of Japan and offering them a total of 10 units in the three districts of Akihabara, Nakano, and Ikebukuro to promote anime tourism.


Each of these fully-furnished manga apartments contain over 2,000 Japanese mangas spread all over not only the living room, but also closets, bathrooms, and the bedroom. A stay at one of these “Manga Apartments” will cost approximately US$ 45 a night, and may leave guests find it hard to sleep with all the mangas they can read each night. They are available exclusively for foreigners and are for private use only, however, Slow Curve does not rule out any possible licences in Tokyo.

The three districts chosen as locations for these apartments are considered three of Tokyo’s “holiest” anime sites. Akihabara is Japan’s otaku capital while Ikebukuro is considered the “Fujoshi Capital” of Japan. Nakano on the other hand is home to dozens of anime and manga shops, as well as the main store of manga mega-store, Mandarake. The Akihabara apartments will contain the latest mangas while the Nakano apartments will contain classics. And as expected, the Ikebukuro apartments will cater to the more feminine manga readers.







These “Manga Apartments” are made to promote local economic growth and spread Japanese culture and attract foreign anime tourists.

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