Anime and video games getting turned into live action stage plays are becoming a huge trend in Japan as of late, and they are being called the 2.5D plays. The latest of these video-game-to-stage adaptations would be for the fighting game, Persona 4 Arena. The play’s official website recently unveiled new visuals for three of the characters in the play.


They look great huh? Chie Satonaka will be played by renowned voice actress, Mariya Ise, best known for voicing many unforgettable anime characters from Fairy Tail’s Levy McGarden and Air Gear’s Ringo Noyamano, to Hunter X Hunter (2011)’s Killua Zoldyck and Log Horizon’s Princess Lenessia. She also voiced Panty & Stocking’s Stocking as well as Cure Lemonade from the PreCure series. Chie Satonaka may originally be voiced by Yui Horie, but expect Mariya Ise to bring some “Genki” to the already hyperactive role.


Originally voiced by Rie Kugimiya, the famous idol, Rise Kujikawa, will be played by Japanese actress and singer, Natsuko Aso, who is best known for singing the OP for Baka & Test: Summon the Beast, which is Perfect Area Complete!


Finally, actress Aoki Shiki, will be playing Persona 4’s resident rich girl, Yukiko Amagi.


Just like the live action Danganronpa and Gurren Lagann stage plays, the costumes for this play has been met with praise for some of the games’ fans for being accurate.

The cast also includes Keisuke Minami as Yu Narukami, Ryou Hirano as Yosuke Hanamura, Eiji Takigawa as Kanji Tatsumi, Yuki Asakura as Naoto Shirogane, Asami Tano as Mitsuru Kirijou, Yuuki Fujiwara as Akihiko Sanada, Kanon Miyahara as Aigis, Kaede Aono as Labrys, and  Asami Yoshikawa as Elizabeth. The play will be shown from December 19 – 23, 2014 over at the Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijou Playhouse.

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