When the Vocaloid song series, Kagerou Project, was adapted into the anime, Mekaku City Actors, last Spring, many were disappointed with Shaft’s animation, especially in episode 9 which is Ayano’s Theory of Happiness.

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However, with the 9th and 10th episodes finally getting a Blu-ray version, Shaft stepped up their animation, which resulted to a huge difference in art styles just for episode 9’s opening sequence. OK, here’s the original scene:


Now compare it to this teaser image for the Blu-ray version released by the Kagerou Project official twitter page.


The difference is uncanny, so uncanny that their clothes are different. The Blu-ray versions really step up the animation and adds a few things and even takes away a few things (like the censorship fog or the censorship beam of light), however, what was done for Mekaku City actors takes that difference to a whole new level. Now if only the anime’s story was not that confusing…

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Source: Moe Otanews


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