The Autumn edition of the Miyazawa Model Exhibition 2014 has previewed plenty of mouth-watering figures and plastic models from some of the biggest names in the industry like Bandai, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Megahouse, and many others as it was held in Tokyo last November 18, 2014.

Let’s start things off with Good Smile Company and their affiliates like Phat!, Freeing and Max Factory. They previewed plenty of new scale figures from the [email protected], Kantai Collection, Kill la Kill, Madoka Magica, Rail Wars!, and many others, as well as new figmas like Snake and the figma horse. New Nendoroids from Love Live!, Kantai Collection, Yuru Yuri, and others were also previewed. The GSC booth also featured some Nendoroids from Tomy Tech, which are highlighted by the new Wixoss nendos. Battoru Intesifies.

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Aquamarine’s booth meanwhile featured the coffin princess herself, Chaika, along with a new Sinon figure, as well as ones from Nanoha, IS: Infinite Stratos, Kantai Collection, and others. Hobby Stock on the other hand previewed their new Free! figmas as well as other merchandise like 3D mouse pads, Digimon straps, and others.

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Bandai meanwhile showed off some of their upcoming GunPla along with several Tamashii Nations figures and Chogokins. They also featured some of their upcoming Star Wars Plastic Models which feature the iconic X-Wings and TIE Fighters, as well as Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers.

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Banpresto meanwhile unveiled some very nice-looking Sword Art Online, Kantai Collection, Madoka Magica, and Macross Frontier prize figures

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Alter’s booth was meanwhile highlighted by Blazblue’s Mu 12 while Aoshima got some nice KanColle displays


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Kotobukiya stayed strong in their displays which include the upcoming PlaMo version of Titan Eren, as well as some cute Cu-poche figures and great-looking scale figures. Some Marvel ArtFX+ and Bishoujo figures were spotted as well.

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Megahouse meanwhile featured some upcoming Excellent Model Figures from Nisekoi, Kuroko’s Basketball, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and others, as well as some upcoming PlaMos.

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Wave had their usual Beach Queens as well as a few PlaMo

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While other figure makers like Vertex, Plum, and Revolve were also present.

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Kaitendo showed some sexy new figures while Griffon’s booth featured some of their massive 1/2.5 scale figures which are approximately 3 feet tall. Ques Q also had some upcoming KanColle figures as well as an order of Chino from Is the Order a Rabbit?

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Union Creative, Evolution Toy, X-Plus and others, did not let the big names take all the limelight with their own figures

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Orchid Seed, Alpha Max, Square Enix, Medicos, Kaiyodo, and others showed off some great quality figures as well

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And finally, we have Medicom which unveiled their new RAH Sinon, as well as a few others

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Are your wallets bleeding already? They might need a whole lot of transfusion for this

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