The Naruto main manga series comes to a close with next Monday’s chapter in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine (some early spoilers here; new Naruto mini-series also announced) — but the Naruto anime will keep on running even in 2015, anime series director Hayato Date has confirmed in a magazine interview.

“(The Naruto anime series) Nope, it’s not ending yet! Once we usher in the new year we will be introducing some new story developments into the series. The (Naruto) anime series will keep on going!” Date said in the interview.


In addition to the new Naruto anime story developments, Date also put out a teaser for the upcoming December 4 episode of the anime series, which is a TV special meant to commemorate the release of The Last: Naruto the Movie in Japan.

As a tie-in to the movie, the December 4 episode of the Naruto anime series will put the spotlight on the Hyuga sisters Hinata and Hanabi.

“I can’t go into it too much yet, but the episode will feature Hinata’s sister Hanabi Hyuga — what did she grow up to be like? What is she doing now? The episode will detail that… it’s a story about the Hyuga sisters. It’s going to be a good episode,” Date said.

hinata hanabi hyuga sisters

Finally, apart from teasing the Hyuga sisters episode and new story developments for the series in 2015, director Hayato Date was also asked two other questions: his thoughts on the manga series ending, and on Sasuke returning to the anime series.

We’ll just go ahead and translate these responses for you.

—The Naruto manga series is coming to a close. Tell us how you feel about that.

Date: The Naruto anime series has been going for more than 10 years, so if you ask me about my thoughts on the manga series now that it’s coming to a close, [I wouldn’t know where to begin and] all I can say are very general things. I have way too many thoughts on this matter. For now I’ll just quietly observe from the sidelines as to how Masashi Kishimoto sensei ties up the storyline.

—What are your thoughts on Sasuke returning to the anime series?

Date: “He’s finally come back”, that was how I felt. Now that he’s back the atmosphere in the Naruto anime series is finally back to how it was in the beginning. And by that I mean not just in the faces you see on the show, but also in the dialogue exchanges.

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Source: My Game News Flash. Images from Fanpop and Anime News Network.


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