The Toad Summoning Jutsu is one of the most important jutsus in Naruto‘s arsenal, as he gets to summon powerful toads to fight for him. As a tribute to the recently concluded series, one of Naruto’s most powerful toad summons, Gamabunta, suddenly appeared near the Pearl River Delta area in Guangzhou, China.


The entire inflated Gamabunta balloon apparently weighs approximately 2 tons and would be a fitting tribute as Gamabunta himself was used by the Fourth Hokage to battle the Nine-tailed Fox prior to the start of the series. The gigantic toad can also be summoned by Naruto and the “Perverted Sage” Jiraiya.


Gamabunta was placed near the Canton Tower, which really highlights how big it really is. The people who set up this balloon is still a mystery however, but the Chinese netizens already have a few suspects. Some have said that Gamabunta was set up by Naruto fans while another theory involves Florentijn Hofman, the man responsible for Hong Kong’s gigantic yellow floating duck.


But one thing’s for sure, whoever made this was a really dedicated Naruto fan because just setting this thing up may have been worth a lot of money.


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Source: Sina Games via Kotaku


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