Voice Actress Nana Mizuki seems to be voicing a lot of alarm clocks lately, and with the new The Last: Naruto the Movie, as well as the end of the manga’s 15-year run, she once again becomes the voice which wakes people up every morning as her Naruto character, Hinata Hyuuga, lends some pre-recorded phrases to a new voice alarm clock by Movic.


Pre-recorded in this new Hinata Hyuuga voice alarm clock are several lines which include “Naruto-kun!” in several declarations from surprised to shy to determined. Also recorded is one of her most memorable quotes from the epic Naruto Vs. pain battle, which is “That is why I am not afraid to die protecting you!! Because… I love you…”


Now ain’t that just the sweetest? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that? OK, maybe not Naruto X Sakura fans…

And keep in mind, this is also Nana Mizuki’s voice, and she is definitely no stranger to voicing alarm clocks, as she is also voicing 77 limited edition ones to promote her upcoming concert.

The item is scheduled for release on December 11, 2014 and costs 7,400 yen. It is now available for pre-orders via the official Movic website.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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