After creating a lot of buzz and becoming arguably one of the best anime of 2015, Aldnoah.Zero will be returning for its Part II this January 2015. To promote this second season, a new visual was seen near Shinjuku Station’s East exit, and it features Princess Asseylum. A bit of a warning before you proceed though, as this might contain spoilers for those who have not yet seen the anime’s shocking ending.


The new visual in Shinjuku features Princess Asseylum Vers  Allusia in a press conference while sitting on a wheel chair. Now this raises a lot of questions concerning the anime’s oh-so-shocking ending which has left many fans wondering is Asseylum and main character Inaho were really killed. Towards the end of the anime’s first part, it was confirmed that Asseylum’s body was never found after the battle.

Her presence here may support the fact that she may be alive yet paralyzed. However, this also raises some questions whether this is really her or not, after all, Versians or Martians can disguise themselves to look like anything. But if this really is Asseylum, does this also mean that Inaho is alive? I guess we will all find out come January.

This is only the second visual released in Shinjuku, with the first one released early last October and featured Slaine and a new Versian mecha.


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