For the very first time, we finally find out who is the new member of ClaRis and replacement to the recently graduated Alice, and it is a girl by the name of Karen. The night before the release of their latest single titled Clear Sky, on November 7, the official Claris twitter page teased everyone with this image.


They just teased the legs, yet that was enough to have fans excited. Now fast forward to today, which is the release date of the new single, fans like @ Mello_yello1979 and @ ClariS0817 have posted the illustrations of the new Claris with Clara and Karen.




The duo were also featured in the cover of music magazine, Lisani, also known as M-On!, which is the magazine that was bundled with the duo’s very first single together.


Lisani revealed that ClaRis will be singing the ED of the upcoming Tsukimonogatari anime, titled Border. The new duo will also be appearing in a live performance together for the very first time during Lisani Live 5 on January 25, 2015. They will perform alongside the likes of Kotoko, LiSA, fripSide, ZAQ, Kalafina, and others.


The official fan club also updated their front page with the image of the new duo.


So what do you think of Karen? Will she live up to people’s expectations? Only time will tell

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