Update: The Naruto TV anime series will keep going in 2015 with new story developments in spite of the main manga series ending, series director Hayato Date has confirmed in an interview.

The Naruto manga series, as we know it, ends with next week’s issue of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, set to hit newsstands in Japan on November 10 or next Monday.

But it doesn’t mean that the series is going away for good.

Following the current manga’s conclusion, creator Masashi Kishimoto will be going to work on a new Naruto manga series — tentatively titled “Naruto” for now — that will begin “short-term serialization” from Spring 2015, according to this leaked magazine scan from a fan who’s managed to snag an issue of next week’s Weekly Shounen Jump early.


The new manga is part of the Naruto: Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project (Naruto: ‘Start Of A New Era’ Project). More details on the new Naruto manga will be revealed in a future issue of WJ magazine.

Along with the new Naruto manga announcement, some images from the final issue of the current Naruto manga series were also leaked on Twitter today.


Spoilers ahead.

Do not scroll any further if you would not like part of the Naruto manga ending be spoiled for you.

… …

Are you ready?

Images 1 and 2 in the gallery below show Naruto, Hinata, and their kids (Boruto/Bolt and Himawari). Image 3 shows Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter (Sarada/Salad). Image 4 is Sasuke, 5 is Gaara, and the rest are self-explanatory. These images from the final Naruto manga chapter corroborate the character design leaks (for the upcoming movie) that hit the Internet earlier today.

Oh, and the final image in the gallery below reveals that Naruto is the next Hokage, with Shikamaru as his aide.

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