We all know Naruto is already ending, and in the next issue of Weekly Shounen Jump!, to be released this Monday, November 10, 2014, which will be when Naruto’s 699th and 700th chapters will also be officially released, it has been revealed that One Piece manga creator Eichiro Oda payed a little tribute to Masashi Kishimoto’s beloved ninja manga.


So Luffy is eating Ramen, Naruto’s signature food… Oh wait, are those Konoha logos all over Nami’s dress?! Is that the Konoha logo on the One Piece title?! Is that Naruto in place if the letter “I” in the One Piece title?! And there’s even a shuriken in one of the letter E’s. There is also a fox wearing a shirt with a naruto printed on its back.


But wait, there’s more! If you look at the background, there is a secret message, which really pays tribute to a series all about ninjas. The menu signs contain names of food, but there is also a little code in those menu items which people who can read Japanese can decipher.

narone piece

Each menu item is strategically placed and they read: “Nasu no itame”, “Rukkora no sarada”, “Tofu,” “Otsumami”, “Karee,” “San,”, “Den,” “Shōyū no” , and “tamago”. Did you get the hidden message? It is actually in the first syllables, or in Japanese, the first letters in kanji.

The hidden message reads “Naruto otsukare-san deshita” which means “Naruto, Good job after all the hard work”. What a fitting tribute indeed!

Naruto will officially end this November 10 along the pages of the 50th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump. Expect more and more Naruto tributes not only from other manga creators, but also fans. Some of them have even recreated Naroto’s Chuunin Exam arc in China to pay tribute to the series.

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