One of the most famous Japanese snack foods are the chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks known as Pocky, which are now part of Japanese popular culture as it is often featured in Japanese anime, movies and dramas. Now, imagine having them as a warm drink…


Ezaki Glico, which manufactures these chocolaty snacks, has announced via an official press release that their Glico-ya Kitchen near Tokyo Station, will be serving Pocky-flavored chocolate lattes starting November 7, 2014. According to Ezaki Glico, these Pocky Chocolate Lattes taste exactly like Pocky sticks and they used Pocky Dough and chocolates to make this warm drink’s raw material.


Glico-ya Kitchen will also be serving Almond Pocky cones which are basically chocolate wrapped in a wafer stick with an almond pocky dipped inside. The Pocky chocolate lattes will cost 380 yen per cup while the Almond Pocky cones will cost 210 yen per cone. Pocky fans rejoice!


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