7-Eleven in Japan previously sold a two meter tall model of Eva Unit-01 as part of it’s Evangelion Racing campaign, but now they’re ready to release something even bigger to commemorate this cross over.

If you thought a two meter tall model of Eva Unit-01 was big, 7-Eleven’s latest prize is even bigger: it’s a one of a kind car based on the unit’s color scheme.


Unlike the 1.8 million yen Eva Unit-01 figure, which had 25 units available, this 16 million yen car is truly one of a kind. It’s the only one they plan on making, and the only one like it in the world.


It’s no surprise that this awesome car is actually the highest priced item 7-Eleven has ever sold, but its certainly something fans of the series would be interested in. Even the paint glows under blacklight to emulate Eva-01’s paint scheme from the movie You Are (Not) Alone.

The car will officially go on sale at 7-Eleven’s nationwide starting on November 14 and ending on November 30, so hopefully it finds a home by then.

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Source: Mantan Web


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