As we approach the midway point of the Fall 2014 anime season, we finally get an idea which new anime are hot and which ones are not. Japanese music and media website, Recochoku, has asked anime fans which new anime from Fall 2014 do they think is the very best.

Please note that the anime listed here are new ones which only premiered last October, so series which have continued from previous seasons like Sword Art Online II and Akame Ga Kill are not included in these rankings. With 532 total votes, 59.3% of which are male while 40.7% of which are female, here are Recochoku’s Top 10 New Anime of Fall 2014:

10) Parasyte

top 10 parasyte

9) Trinity Seven

top 10 trinity 7

8) Wolf Girl and Black Prince

top 10 wolf girl

7) Your Lie in April

Top 10 Your Lie in April

6) Laughing Under the Clouds

Top 10 Donten

5) Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014)

Top 10 Fate

4) World Trigger

Top 10 World Trigger

3) Psycho-Pass 2

Top 10 Psycho-Pass 2

2) Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Top 10 Kokkuri

1) The Seven Deadly Sins

Top 10 Seven

Just like the Top 10 Fall 2014 anime rankings by Men Joy, The Seven Deadly Sins once again takes the #1 spot beating out favorites Fate/ Stay Night and Psycho-Pass which have battled for the top spot in the other rankings. The surprise in these rankings is that even if fantasy anime Gugure! Kokkuri-san, with its genuinely funny antics, have upset two of the strongest contenders this season, which are of course Psycho-Pass 2 and Fate/ Stay Night.

Shounen Jump! anime World Trigger meanwhile lived up to its hype as it takes fourth place ahead of Fate while Laughing Under the Clouds takes the #6 spot. One of the most surprising anime this season is Your Lie in April which has a very very interesting story coupled with some pretty interesting characters. The series makes it to the Top 10 at #7.

Since this ranking is about the new anime, it is surprising that fan-favorite Terra Formars does not even make it to the Top 10, along with Rage of Bahamut: Genesis and popular moe anime, Girlfriend Beta as well as the two new Gundam anime, Reconguista in G and Build Fighters Try. Parasyte, which has been consistent in these Japanese rankings only made it at #10.

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Source: Recochoku


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