As today marks the official release of the final two chapters of Naruto inside the pages of this year’s 50th issue of Weekly Shounen Jump!, we can finally say this – It’s official, Naruto is over.


Looks like Kishimoto got One Piece creator, Eichiro Oda back

The anime has influenced an entire generation of anime fans and has gotten millions of people from around the world into fans of Japanese animation. To commemorate this occasion, we here at SGCafe have gotten together for a little tribute of our own for this unforgettable manga series by Masashi Kishimoto. We are taking a look at Seven of our favorite moments and we had plenty of trouble picking out only seven.

But why only seven? Because the number seems to be the magic number for our favorite heroic orange ninja as he is a member of Team 7 along with Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke, and for those who have already read the final chapter, the number is also tied to the realization of his life-long dream. A bit of warning though, as our list may contain a few spoilers, and here are our picks, which are not in order.

Naruto vs. Sasuke: The first waterfall battle

naruto vs sasuke

Sasuke has decided to defect from Konoha, and as expected, Naruto has chased right after him. Sasuke now uses his cursed seal to his advantage, and we get to see Naruto unleash a bit of his Nine Tails power. This fight has truly become one of the most defining battles in Naruto and will always be remembered by many as one of Naruto’s greatest failures.

What’s Under Kakashi’s Mask?


It is one of Naruto’s greatest mysteries – what exactly does Kakashi look like underneath that mask?! The rest of Team 7 try and find out as they concoct ways of trying to find out how Kakashi really looks like, comedy ensues. Yes, this may only be considered a filler by many (which Naruto is infamous for), but out of all the fillers, this one stands out the most. And at the end of the day, Kakashi finally reveals what is underneath his mask – which is another mask..

Naruto Vs. Pain

Naruto vs Pain

It was considered one of the most anticipated battles in both the anime and manga’s history as it is filled with action and raw emotion. Pain has attacked Konoha and has already killed countless citizens. Naruto arrives only to see Konoha already in ruins. He then challenges Pain to the fight of his life. This is one of Naruto’s defining moments, as the child once shunned by everyone finally gets recognized as the hero of their village. It was filled with bittersweet moments and one of its highlights? Hinata’s confession to Naruto. Now tell me you guys did not even tear up once in this battle?

Who is Tobi?


Another one of the “biggest” mysteries in Naruto involves the mysterious Akatsuki member Tobi, who had just started a war against the entire ninja world. He has already admitted that he is an Uchiha and said that he is really Madara Uchiha, however, thanks to a reveal by Kabuto, speculations as to who he really is have sprung out of the woodwork. People already have an idea who he is, and when his identity has been revealed as Obito Uchiha, long-lost friend of Kakashi, only a few were surprised. When his identity was revealed, people around the world said “I knew it!”. The reason why this moment is one of the most memorable is because it gained a lot of hype and was talked about by every Naruto fan who each had their own theories as to who Tobi is, and majority of them were proven to be right all along.

Kakashi Gaiden


This arc took a look at who Kakashi was before he became Konoha’s feared “Copy Ninja”. It was revealed that Kakashi was part of the Fourth Hokage’s team and was aready a jounin or elite ninja at a very young age. He was often at odds with his teammate, Obito Uchiha, and was more straitlaced about the rules than the one we were introduced to. However, one battle changed it all as Obito finally activated his Sharingan to fight off their enemies. However, near the end, Obito sacrificed himself and it was revealed that he gave Kakashi his Sharingan.

Gaara’s Recue

Gaara Rescue

Gaara of the Sand, once the most feared member of his village and shunned by everyone, he has taken the mantle of Kazekage. However, the new threat known as Akatsuki has attacked and captured the new Kazekage. Konoha sends in the reunited Team 7 (sans Sasuke) as well as Team Gai to help, and who better to aid Gaara than the boy who is so similar to him, Naruto? The arc featured plenty of unforgettable battles from Sakura and Grandma Chiyo vs. Sasori, to Naruto and Kakashi vs. Deidara. The arc ended in one of the most emotional and tear-jerking ways possible with Grandma Chiyo sacrificing all her chakra (and her life) to revive Gaara.

Naruto meets his mom


Naruto grew up never knowing who his parents are, and during the conclusion of the epic Naruto vs. Pain fight, we find out who his dad really is – the 4th Hokage himself, Minato. Come on, we all saw that one coming. During their death, both his parents made sure that Naruto would save Konoha from an incoming threat, and with Minato already done with his part, it was time for his mom, Kushina, to do hers when Naruto was training with Bee to control the Nine tailed Fox. It was both happy and sad, and we’re pretty sure many fans have also teared up with its emotional farewell.

So those are our seven picks. Through Naruto’s 15-tear run, what are your favorites? We’re sure you guys have plenty of them as well. And a huge thank you to Masashi Kishimoto for these 15 years worth of memories and for giving us a truly unforgettable classic.

Naruto ends

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