Sowrd Art Online: Lost Song will support 4-player co-op online play, Dengeki PlayStation magazine is revealing this Thursday in a feature on the game.

Although in single-player mode, you can go on adventures with up to only 3 characters in your party, the online co-op modes will expand the party to allow for up to 4 players. Players will be able to communicate with one another through pre-set text commands — although you’ll also be able to speak with one another through the PS3/PS Vita’s universal voice chat party feature.


Other than the first details on Sword Art Online: Lost Song‘s online co-op mode, Dengeki PlayStation magazine also shows the first screenshots of Yui in the game — and it seems that Yui will be making an appearance in this game in her human-size form, as seen in the Aincrad chapter in the first season of the anime series, rather than her fairy form from the Fairy Dance chapter onwards. Yui’s character model in SAO: Lost Song wears a white one-piece dress.

The magazine also shows off an area in the game called Sky Metropolis Line, which serves as a base of operations for Kirito and his friends in this game. As with Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, this base of operations will include facilities such as a weapons shop, bar and an inn.

Other early details mentioned include portals on the in-game continent that will allow you to fast travel, and sword skills being useable from from the very beginning of the game. The magazine also has screenshots on some of the strong foes and treasures you’ll find in dungeons.

We’ll have more details from the magazine once it is officially out on newsstands.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS3, PS Vita) is set for release in Japan March 26, 2015. An English version has also been announced for Asia. No word on a North American or European release yet, but the game’s producer Yosuke Futami told us that the PS3 version is intended for a worldwide audience.

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Source: Dengeki PlayStation magazine


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