Japanese professional sports teams have been turning to anime to expand their fanbase. The most recent and popular examples include pro football teams Mito Hollyhock FC and Tokyo Verdy, which are supported by Girls und Panzer and the A Certain series respectively. When the two teams met, it was even labeled as Girls und Panzer vs. A Certain Scientific Railgun.

However, recently, both Mito Hollyhock FC and Tokyo Verdy once again featured their respective anime partners during their latest matches. The Anglerfish Team’s Panzer IV tank made an appearance near the field inside K’s Denki Stadium, which is the home stadium of Mito Hollyhock FC. It was even the center of a local news report.

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The people of Ibaraki prefecture really love their tanks, huh? And the Panzer IV really looks like it is ready for some “Panzer Vor!”

Meanwhile, over at the Ajinomoto Stadium where Tokyo Verdy usually holds its football games, standees of the characters from A Certain series can be seen greeting football fans. Railgun main character Mikoto Misaka was even featured in the announcement video which introduced the players for the team, along with Uiharu, Saten, and Kuroko.


While Index main characters Touma and Index were also present, it was all about Railgun’s Mikoto. The tickets even feature the four members of Mikoto’s group. She was even featured in several Tokyo Verdy merchandise.


The next time these two teams meet would surely be interesting as fans of both series will be cheering for either Mito Hollyhock FC or Tokyo Verdy.

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