What could be cuter than Rascal the Raccoon? Rascal the Raccoon dressed up as the main heroes of Tiger and Bunny The Rising of course.

As part of the new ANi★CUTE  store opening on November 29 in Ikebukuro, Rascal the Raccoon is teaming up with Tiger and Bunny  the Rising  for some heroic collaboration goods.


The goods won’t officially go on sale until November 29, but they feature Rascal dressed up as Kotetsu T.  Kaburagi, Barnaby Brooks Jr and newcomer Golden Ryan. Rascal doesn’t need much to pull off Kotetsu’s iconic beard.


The store itself will mainly focus on anime goods from the past sixty years, which includes Rascal, Chibi Maruko, and Ukari Penelope. Hopefully that means we can look forward to even more adorable collaborations like this one in after it opens.


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Source: AnimateTV


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