Not all the titans from Attack on Titan are big, in fact, some of them are even smaller than 9 meters, which can make them enter busy streets a whole lot easier. Now, imagine meeting one of them face to face as one of these mini titans seems to have gotten itself wandering around the streets of Tokyo and has invaded several notable manga shops and bookstores, all to promote the upcoming Attack on Titan art exhibition.


The official twitter page of the Attack on Titan exhibition has posted images of this creepy mini titan’s trip in Tokyo where it acted as an honorary guest for many of the city’s anime establishments. Luckily, nobody was eaten (I hope)


The mini titan acted as an honorary cashier and even took some orders in the Animate booth inside the Akiba Culture Zone’s Attack on Titan exhibit. Some of the customers might have been pretty brave in facing this titan… or they might just really really wanted to buy that item.


It even played some games in a local arcade


…And then it met Levi in Ueno. That titan sure is lucky, he would have had it if Levi was not stuck inside a TV


However, he did run into a Survey Corps member in front of the iconic Animate Ikebukuro…


Now that would have been one helluva fight.

The Attack on Titan exhibition will be held from november 28, 2014 until January 25, 2015 over at the Ueno Royal Museum. It will be featuring several life-size titans, including some life-size parts of the 50m tall Colossal Titan.

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