In the culinary industry, it’s no secret that those who make it to the very top are the ones who love cooking the most and are not really in it for the money. During the Tokyo Ramen Show, considered as the “World’s Largest Ramen Event”, one particular ramen chef showed his passion by not only winning the event’s “3rd Rookie Grand Prix”, but also declining its 500,000 yen grand prize.

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40-tear-old Takeo Kanda took first place in the Tokyo Ramen Show’s 3rd Rookie Grand Prix with his “Sea Chicken Ramen” which combines the flavor of chicken and tuna. This now award-winning ramen featured a soy sauce broth that was enriched with a baked tuna head and chicken.

However, even though he was filled with joy for receiving the trophy, he suddenly bowed his head after taking the microphone for his winner’s speech. He then surprisingly declined the cash prize worth 500,000 yen and said that the prize is due to the sweat and hard work of the ramen chefs all over Japan.

He then said that he just wanted his ramen to be evaluated by the many professionals attending the event and it seems that he was happy with just that. Kanda started making his “self-made” ramen 13 years ago and concocted his original ramen through years of trial and error.

Ramen has now become a staple in Japan, and ramen shops can now be seen anywhere. It has been featured in too many anime series, dramas, ads, and travel shows that I have already lost count.


Kanda’s passion for ramen is a breath of fresh air for many in the industry and hopefully, more things will come for him. On his way to the top, he defeated runner-up Sakanakai Dashii Shio-Ramen by Mr. Shinichi and the third place winning Osaka Tanmen by Yasushi Tomohiro.

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Source: Yahoo! Japan


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