As part of its Universal Cool Japan event, Universal Studios Japan has announced via their official website, that they will be collaborating with the Evangelion series with a new attraction, as well as Biohazard (aka Resident Evil), Monster Hunter, and Attack on Titan. The theme park will be exhibiting “Real” attractions which will be bringing these four series to real life.

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One new announcement for these “Real” exhibits is generating a whole lot of buzz, and that is because Universal Studios Japan will be exhibiting full body life-size replicas of Eren Yeager’s Titan form, as well as the Female Titan from Hajime Isaya’s best-selling manga series, Attack on Titan.


Can you imagine that epic fight those two had being displayed? And not just scale figures of them, but life-size? Now that would be a real sight to see! Titan Eren will be measuring in at 15m while the Female Titan will be measuring in at 14m. To compare with another life-size statue, the 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba measures in at 18m, so there is a difference of just 3 – 4m in height when compared to these upcoming Attack on Titan statues.


Not only that, these two statues will also be featured as if they are locked in “fierce combat”, meaning they won’t be just look like standing around looking cool just like Odaiba’s life-size Gundam. These life-size Attack on Titan replicas, as well as the other three exhibits will be exhibited for a limited time from January 23 until May 10, 2015. More announcements on these limited-time attractions will be announced in the future.

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