With The Last: Naruto the Movie‘s official Japanese premiere already nearing this December 6, a special video commemorating the manga’s ending last November 10 has been released during the movie’s advanced screening last November 24, 2014. Called the “Naruto Love Video”, it features some “Naruto Love” comments from the series’ worldwide fan base. Naruto fans, get your feels ready because this is going to be one emotional one.

「THE LAST」ナルト愛スペシャル映像 by pKjd

Hits you right in the heart, doesn’t it? The song playing in the background is Hoshi no Utsuwa by Sukima Switch, which takes 15 years worth of memories and drives them right in the feels. And that isn’t all, because three new ads for The Last: Naruto the movie have finally been streamed and they feature plenty of Naruto X Hinata action.

It has also been announced that come January 17, 2015, The Last: Naruto the Movie will also be airing in Australia and New Zealand and will be officially distributed by Madman Entertainment, who also streamed this English-subtitled trailer.

The Last: Naruto the Movie will make its Japanese premiere on December 6, 2014 and has been announced to also show in the Philippines on December 17, 2014. The manga officially ended last Monday, which is considered a bittersweet moment for fans.


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