The Hyperdimension Neptunia series has now evolved into one of the most popular video game-based franchises from Japan, and now, Compile Heart, which produces the games (and the namesake for Compa), has started an official online character poll which allows everybody to vote, not just ones in Japan.


The winner of this poll will be become the hero or heroine of a new title. What this new title will be, whether it will be a new game, anime, or manga,  is still a mystery. This is all to find out who do fans think is the best in Gamindustry.


People can actually vote multiple times, however, they can only vote once every 24 hours. Voting period will be from November 6, 2014 until 18:00 (Japan time) on December 4, 2014.


There are two methods of voting. One method is by voting through the official website and the other is through an app ticket code which can be found in Vol 577 and 578 of Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Voting through the official website is easy, just click on the image of the character you want to vote for and click submit. To know if your vote was counted, once you have submitted, you should see an image like this (depends on who you voted for):


OK, now you know that I voted for Vert/ Green heart…

This will be the second official character poll, as the first one was won by Noir/ Black Heart back in 2011.

8cd850ef-s Chō_Megami_Shinkō_Noire_cover

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