A new poster for the two-part live-action Attack on Titan movie has unveiled what the massive Colossal Titan will look like in the movie, and to say that it is massive is an understatement.


Scary huh? According to Japanese entertainment website, Eiga, the Colossal Titan in the live-action version will be taller than usual… a whole lot taller. In the anime and the manga, the Colossal Titan stands at 50m tall, however, in the movie, it will be two times taller than that, and more! In the movie, the Colossal Titan is 120 meters tall, which is certainly taller than the King of the Monsters, Godzilla himself, which only stood at 106 meters tall in its tallest incarnation, which is the 2014 Hollywood version. Yes, the live-action Colossal would be at least 12 meters taller than the King himself.


The movie will not just be using CGI, but also Tokusatsu techniques so expect to see actors dressed up as titans in the movie while chasing down all them puny humans.

The live-action poster also features the tagline “The World is Cruel”, and it certainly is, and with a titan bigger than Godzilla, it would certainly be a scary thing for humanity. The two movies as set for release Summer 2015 with the first movie scheduled for August 9, 2015 and the second movie coming right after that in September.

You can also check out how the human cast looks like through this link.

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Source: Eiga


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