Often, we get to see our favorite anime characters in their usual clothes or school uniforms. We would often see Son Goku in his usual orange gi or several school anime characters wearing their respective school uniforms. But often, they are presented wearing something else, and Japanese media website Goo has asked fans to weigh in at which anime cast looks the lamest in plain clothes.

A total of 500 people were asked, 250 male and 250 female. Here are the Top 17:

17) Love Live!

16) The [email protected]

15) Fafner in the Azure

14) Azumanga Daioh

13/12) Haikyuu! and Nichijou (tie)

11) UtaPri

10) Kuroko’s Basketball


9) K-On!!


8) Higurashi: When They Cry


7) Hunter X Hunter


6) Bleach


5) Mobile Suit Gundam 00


4) Neon Genesis Evangelion


3) The Prince of Tennis


2) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED


1) Dragon Ball

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Piccolo wearing a t-shirt and a revered cap?! Goku in a polo shirt?! VEGETA WEARING PINK?! OK, those are really really surprising, and according to fans, the characters of Dragon Ball really are the ones which look the lamest wearing normal or plain clothes. Maybe because this brings these powerful characters in the same level as us and make them seem more normal and approachable… or they make them a little bit more laughable to say the least. Though I will admit, I’d still be scared of approaching Vegeta, even if he is wearing pink!

Also according to the fans, the Gundam SEED characters, when out of their usual space suits and military uniforms, also look kinda lame in plain clothes, so lame that they have taken the #2 spot, ahead of the Prince of Tennis’s cast of characters. Honestly speaking, I like some of Lacus’s casual wear though. And speaking of Gundam series, looks like Gundam characters really look a bit odd in casuals as yet another Gundam series, Gundam 00, takes the #5 spot. The ever-so-fashionable cast of Evangelion also make it to the Top 5 in the #4 spot which is a bit weird as many high fashion labels have done collaborations with the series.

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Source: Goo


Thank you to 4evaBlitz for the correction


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