The collaboration between free-to-play online game, World of Warships, and science fiction anime, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, is finally getting full steam, after a few months since it was announced during the Tokyo’s Japanese Youtube channel has now began streaming a new video for the collaboration and it features the lovable anthropomorphic warship girls who were featured in the anime.

The video however only previews that the collaboration will indeed happen, however, it does not announce what the collaboration will actually be.



Will it be voice packs featuring the voices of the fog ships, just like the Girls und Panzer voice packs for World of Tanks? Or will we be seeing some fog warships joining the World of Warships fray as actual playable ships? Looks like we will find out soon enough.

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The video ends with Iona inviting everyone to play. So what do you think the collaboration will be about?


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