The official teaser site of the latest Naruto movie, tentatively titled Boruto -Naruto the Movie-, has finally opened and it provides a short comic strip featuring both Naruto and his trouble-maker of a son, Boruto. Yes folks, it’s official, he is not named Bolt, but Boruto.


The comic strip has the new 7th Hokage chastising his son in what seems to be one of his pranks. Naruto is telling his boy that he has to put up with it “because he is a ninja too”. The text below then reads that a new era begins. The website also announced that the movie is set to premiere August 2015.

This new movie will be set in the new era which takes place after the Fourth Great Ninja War where the events of Naruto’s final and 700th chapter also took place, which means Naruto is married to Hinata and Sasuke and Sakura have a kid named Sarada together.


The movie will be part of the Naruto’s New Era Opening Project which also includes the new live action stage play which will also hit Singapore and Malaysia. This movie also proves that The Last: Naruto the Movie ain’t the last Naruto movie after all.

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