With 2014 almost over, Japanese music download website, e-onyoko, has unveiled their most downloaded singles for the year, and it reveals a complete and utter domination by the school idols of Love Live!

The music website’s annual rankings did not only feature anime songs, but the Japanese music industry in its entirety. This domination by Love Live! in the Singles Downloaded category just proves how big the series really is in Japan. The idol anime took all spots in the rankings’ Top 10 and would have taken the Top 15 if it wasn’t for one particular single from one of Japan’s most legendary artistes.


Snow Halation is this year’s winner for e-onyoko’s most downloaded single, however, 10 other Love Live! singles followed it. The trend would have continued, however, it seems like the Love Live! train was stopped by none other than Utada Hikaru’s First Love single. Wow, if there’s anyone who can stop μ’s, it’s her. However, the domination by Love Live! songs continues to the Top 50.

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Of all the entrants in the Top 50, only 9 were not Love Live! songs. The rest of the Top 100 rankings however only featured one Love Live! single, and it is the live version of Snow Halation which came in at #54. Several anime soundtracks also made it to the Top 100, like the soundtracks for Yuuki Yuna is a Hero, Evangelion, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Gundam Reconguista in G, and Amagi Brilliant Park.

With the results of this rankings, which are based on e-onyoko’s single download sales, it is safe to say that Love Live! is just unstoppable nowadays.

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