Comiket has been known for being one of the most chaotic anime events on Earth, and all the craziness can be seen in the event’s cosplays which are always a mix of awesome, crazy, unbelievable, and just plain weird. Here are the cosplays from Day 1 of Comiket 87:

Oh look, Magnemite is back! (from @ Saitamakita)


from @ Uis4uchi


from @ Nandakaomo


from @ Makopelorin

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From @ Vande1021


There were plenty of Western Comic Book cosplays as well like Batman, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Iron Man

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…and then there are the weird ones… This guy just cosplayed… Kiniro Mosaic (means GOLDEN Mosaic)?! OK, now that’s just wrong! (from @ Rontao)


While this guy cosplayed a plunger… OK, where are Mario and Luigi when you need them?! (by @ Itaru_414)


And of course, the NEET Squad get beat-up once again…


And Comiket won’t be complete without the Yaranaika guys, right?


Of course, there are some more awesome ones like Daisuke Jigen and Gundam X


Looks like the King of Monsters himself has returned to Tokyo, but this time, he’s just not in a city-destroying mood (from @ Fume__e)


This Gyanko cosplayer was one of the people who stole the show (from @ Ryou_man)

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This Saber cosplayer as well


Oh look, it’s a Parasyte! (from @ Valu_came)


Homuhomu sure is popular during Comiket… (from @ Nido_climax)


from @ S_yuzu1227


from @ Ryou_man


And it’s just not Comiket without a Kamen Rider cosplayer or two, right? (from @ Fhonda_camera)


And Japanese anime news website, 0takomu, is on scene once again. Here are some of the great Day 1 cosplays they have compiled:

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