With Comiket 87′s day 2 already wrapped up and done, we now take a look at some of the day’s cosplays, which are as usual, a great mix of excellent, awesome, funny, and just plain weird. We take a look at some of the weird ones, as well as some of the best. While Day 1 featured plenty of surprises, what did Day 2 have in store?

Comiket Day 2 was plagued by some cold winter rains, however, it did not diminish some of the excitement. One such person who was not put-off by the winter rain is Hentai Kamen.


Well, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery (check out the background) (from @ METALSYADOW)


Looks like Funassyi made a deal with Kyuubey… (from @ Nandakaomo)


Well, because of the rain, some were a little bit lonely… (@ ASCEUSAKO)


MACHOKE?! (from @ Emi_DFM)


Looks like Darth Vadering (from @ Alexandroscrew)


OK then, moving on… (from @ Gengetu9)

B5_95FxCMAAR7pg B5_95FZCAAA5pnI

This poor little orange… Got left out in the rain


Remember that plunger from day 1? Well, some guy cosplayed yet another everyday item (from  38Runy)


Somebody even cosplayed a Rubick’s Cube (@ Ki1888)


Well, Azunyan has arrived! (from @ Dra_draQ)


Ladies and gentlemen, Nagato from Kantai Collection…


I wonder what Kaiki is planning? (from @ HimawariP)


This Acguy cosplay though…


Who’s that Pokemon?! (from @ Ikedam0)


You came to the wrong neighborhood… (from @ Kaztsu)


While Detective Zenigata finally has some back-up to catch Lupin III


While this Wo and Saber Alter cosplayer look great

wo wos

Because of the weather, the cosplay venue was forced to be transferred indoors, which shifted some of the focus on the official booth cosplayers.

csp1 csp2 csp3 csp4 csp5 csp6 csp7 csp8

And keeping to Comiket’s weirdness levels, there was a bit of some S & M play indoors with some cosplayers “stepping” on people.

sm1 sm2 sm3

And finally, Here are some of the great cosplays compiled by anime website, 0takomu for Comiket 87’s Day 2.

C87day2-0001 C87day2-0004 C87day2-0008 C87day2-0010 C87day2-0014 C87day2-0015 C87day2-0016 C87day2-0019 C87day2-0022 C87day2-0024 C87day2-0026 C87day2-0029 C87day2-0030 C87day2-0034 C87day2-0036 C87day2-0040 C87day2-0041 C87day2-0043 C87day2-0049 C87day2-0051 C87day2-0054 C87day2-0056 C87day2-0058 C87day2-0061 C87day2-0062 C87day2-0067 C87day2-0070 C87day2-0073 C87day2-0074 C87day2-0078 C87day2-0083 C87day2-0085 C87day2-0088 C87day2-0095 C87day2-0099 C87day2-0101 C87day2-0104 C87day2-0110 C87day2-0111 C87day2-0113 C87day2-0116 C87day2-0117 C87day2-0119 C87day2-0120 C87day2-0123 C87day2-0124 C87day2-0129 C87day2-0131 C87day2-0133 C87day2-0134 C87day2-0136 C87day2-0139 C87day2-0142 C87day2-0146 C87day2-0147 C87day2-0150 C87day2-0152 C87day2-0158 C87day2-0160 C87day2-0161 C87day2-0163 C87day2-0165 C87day2-0168 C87day2-0171 C87day2-0173 C87day2-0176 C87day2-0179 C87day2-0181 C87day2-0183 C87day2-0190 C87day2-0191 C87day2-0192 C87day2-0195 C87day2-0199 C87day2-0202 C87day2-0204 C87day2-0205 C87day2-0206 C87day2-0210 C87day2-0211 C87day2-0212 C87day2-0220 C87day2-0222 C87day2-0225 C87day2-0226 C87day2-0228 C87day2-0234 C87day2-0238 C87day2-0239 C87day2-0245 C87day2-0250 C87day2-0252 C87day2-0255 C87day2-0256 C87day2-0258 C87day2-0259 C87day2-0264 C87day2-0266 C87day2-0268 C87day2-0269 C87day2-0277 C87day2-0280 C87day2-0284 C87day2-0287 C87day2-0288 C87day2-0289 C87day2-0291 C87day2-0294 C87day2-0305 C87day2-0307 C87day2-0309 C87day2-0310 C87day2-0312 C87day2-0314 C87day2-0318 C87day2-0321 C87day2-0322 C87day2-0325 C87day2-0327 C87day2-0330 C87day2-0335 C87day2-0339 C87day2-0341 C87day2-0343 C87day2-0346 C87day2-0348 C87day2-0351 C87day2-0352 C87day2-0354 C87day2-0356 C87day2-0358 C87day2-0360 C87day2-0363 C87day2-0364 C87day2-0365mike

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