It’s PlayStation’s 20th anniversary, and to celebrate, Sony has launched an official online poll which asked a variety of questions, including which classic game people want to see remade using the latest video game technology. The results for that poll can be viewed through this link.

Sony also asked what is their video game video game to ever appear in a PlayStation console. The poll garnered over 10,o00 votes from gamers of all ages, both male and female. Note that since this is a poll about PlayStation games, exclusive games from other consoles like Pokemon and Mario are not included. Here are the Top 20:

20. Minna no Golf

19. Resident Evil 2

18. Shin Sangoku Musou

17. Derby Stallion

16. Kingdom Hearts 2

15. Gran Turismo

14. Winning Eleven 8

13. Final Fantasy 8

12. Kingdom Hearts

11. Final Fantasy 9

10. Tetris


9. Puyo Puyo


8. Dragon Quest VII


7. Final Fantasy

FF1 logo_PSP--article_image

6. Dragon Quest VIII


5. Resident Evil


4. Final Fantasy X


3. Dragon Quest IV


2. Final Fantasy VII


1. Dragon Quest V


In a surprising turn of events, it was not Final fantasy VII which took the top spot, but Enix classic, Dragon Quest V. People may want a remake of FFVII the most, but it seems that a lot more people like Dragon Quest a little bit more.

A total of five Final Fantasy titles have made it to the Top 20, which further proves that the series is still one of Japan’s most influential. meanwhile, four Dragon Quest titles and two Kingdom Hearts titles have solidified Square Enix’s clain as one of the biggest names in the Japanese gaming scene.

It’s also a bit shocking not to find a few big name series in the top 20 rankings such as Metal Gear and Monster Hunter, as well as fighting games like Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, and Tekken.

So what is your favorite PlayStation game?

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