You’ve heard of Shirobako, an anime about the inner workings of the anime industry, but have you heard of an anime about voice actors? During a meet-and-greet event in Ariake’s Tokyo International Convention Center, an announcement has been made that the 4-panel manga about the voice acting industry, Sore Ga Seiyuu! (それが声優!, literally, She is a Voice Actor), will be having its own anime adaptation.


The anime will be based on the 4-panel manga created by voice actress Masumi Asano (Hakufu Sonsaku from Ikki Tousen) and illustrated by renowned manga creator, Kenjiro Hata, best known for Hayate the Combat Butler!

sore2014win-mm72 sorega2014win-SH72

Well, she certainly looks like Hinagiku… or a combination between Hinagiku and Nagi. Sore Ga Seiyuu! is a story about “A certain Story in the Voice Acting industry”. More announcements will be made in the future.

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