They are at it again! After arguing “who has more passion for Princess Asseylum, Aldnoah.Zero voice actors Kenshou Ono and Natsuki Hanae have yet another “heated argument” in twitter, this time, because of the new Aldnoah.Zero visual in Shinjuku featuring Inaho.


Their initial internet “battle of words” started when the second Aldnoah.Zero ad in Shinjuku was shown, and looks like their “Round 2” resulted from the third Shinjuku ad. Round 2 of their “heated argument” started when Inaho’s voice actor, Natsuki Hanae, visited the new Shinjuku ad and was “surprised” to see that Inaho is still alive… even though he’s the one voicing him… right… In his tweet, Hanae asked who that “mystery man” in the image was.

Slaine Troyard’s voice actor, Kenshou Ono, best known for voicing the title character of Kuroko’s Basketball, meanwhile had some shots fired… again. He responded to Hanae’s tweet and said that the guy in the ad is the guy in the back and looking at the ad.

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Ono then said that this time, he was able to see the ad and laughed about it. The reason for their initial “internet scuffle” all started because Ono failed to see the second ad, which resulted to Hanae antagonizing him about it.


While these “internet arguments” between the two voice actors have many people convinced this is just another way to promote Aldnoah.Zero’s upcoming second season, many have also been convinced that the two of them now have some sort of “real life rivalry” already. Whether this is true or not is still up for debate, however, the two of them arguing in twitter sure is fun to watch. Now where’s Michael Jackson?!


Part II will premiere this January 2015 as part of an already-packed Winter 2015 anime season.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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