Sports manga Kuroko’s Basketball may not be considered a yaoi series, but for fans of the genre, also known as fujoshis, it might as well be. The series has been known to have plenty of male-to-male yaoi shippings, made by its mostly-female fan base, so imagine the shock many fans have when series creator, Tadatoshi Fujimaki, made a startling reveal in a recent Q & A session.


During that Q & A, Fujimaki revealed that Seirin Center, Teppei Kiyoshi, once dated the Seirin basketball club’s team manager, Riko Aida. This reveal of course did not go well with fujoshis. The question was why Riko calls Kiyoshi by his first name, Teppei, when she does not do so for the other members of the Seirin high basketball team.


Teppei Kiyoshi has been shipped with both teammate Junpei Hyuuga and rival Atsushi Murasakibara, so many of the fujoshis were really shocked when it was revealed that he dated Riko. While some were just mildly shocked, a few have said that the two of them dating is “unreasonable” and some have even described the reveal as “painful” and even “agonizing”.





Looks like Fujimaki really incurred the wrath of fujoshis this time around…

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